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The pyrite with framboidal texture (Py is interpreted to have formed contemporaneously with the ore-bearing rocks, with a maximum depositional age of 355 ± 7.3 Ma based on U–Pb dating of detrital zircons.Re–Os isotopic analyses of four Py was formed in a later mineralization event, during the late- to post-tectonic stage in Early Permian.At present, the MIF data for sulfur in Archean sediments are few and contradictory.We propose to undertake a thorough study of the MIF of sulfur in pyrite for three pairs of highly carbonaceous sedimentary rock units deposited between 2.7 and 2.5 Ga in Western Australia, South Africa, and Canada.Pyrite studied is associated with barite and separated from a vein cutting REE mineralization.Pyrites analyzed contain 16–30 ng Re and 0.10–0.16 ng Os, and yield a Caledonian isochron age of 439 ±86 Ma.

Arsenopyrites., in Generum et Specierum Mineralium, Secundum Ordines Naturales Digestorum Synopsis Apud Eduardum Anton 34-43 [view file] Sharp Z D, Essene E J, Kelly W C (1985) A re-examination of the arenopyrite geothermometer: pressure considerations and applications to natural assemblages, The Canadian Mineralogist, 23, 517-534 [view file] Choi S G, Youm S J (2000) Compositional variation of arsenopyrite and fluid evolution at the Ulsan deposit, southeastern Korea: a low-sulfidation porphyry system, The Canadian Mineralogist, 38, 567-583 [view file] Hem S R, Makovicky E, Gervilla F (2001) Compositional trends in Fe, Co, and Ni sulfarsenides and their crystal-chemical implications: results from the Arroyo de la Cueva deposits, Ronda peridotite, southern Spain, The Canadian Mineralogist, 39, 831-853 [view file] Lentz D R (2002) Sphalerite and arsenopyrite at the Brunswick No.Our work has led directly to discovery of ore for the mineral industry.AIRIE established the protocol for successful Re-Os dating of molybdenite, from mineral separation to treatment of isotopic data.Pyrite will be selected for this study on the basis of textural, chemical, and isotopic evidence indicative of a syngenetic or diagenetic origin.Pyrite in each of the six rock units will be dated by the Re-Os method.

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