Radtreeview not updating Camtocamadult

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Here's an example using the Rad Ajax Manager approach: Page Markup: The upload file does not have any vb code.

Running this will produce a page with a single treeview with a few nodes.

Upon entering the new category and clicking submit, it will return on the First Page and you can see the on the grid the newly added category.

Upon adding again and clicking the "add a sub category" the newly added category before was not added even though it was added on the database.

Forth from Q3 2011, Rad Tree View can be bound to an OData service.

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open web protocol for querying and updating data.

If you right-click on the node called "x", and choose "Last opp innhold", you will get a popup window.

Simply closing this window again will run the update, and you can see that it does because it adds all the nodes in the tree another time.

This treeview is updated through codebehind, and does not have any datasource.However, when I remove the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc nodes durring a session, everything is updated perfectly.I cannot figure out why the treeview is not updated the first time the underlying datasource changes, but is updated in subsequent data source changes. Or a way to FORCE the treeview control (or its underlying datasource) to update.On that page, we can see a two radio button,a textbox and a submit button.The first radio button says "Add new category", then the second radio says "Add a sub category on the existing category" which shows up the treeview upon clicking.

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