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Still, if there is any satisfactory reason for Cory Booker to avoid a higher-level political race, focusing on his own personal life, a wife and future kids has got to be one at the top of the list.Gawker boss Nick Denton’s theory that Booker danced around questions of his personal life, and his sexuality in particular, to conceal his preference for dating white women.Booker is often asked about Presidential aspirations, and his denials aren’t taken very seriously.You can see one example in this January clip from Comedy Central’s .He gained a national reputation for his personal involvement in public service, particularly through his use of social media tools such as Twitter to connect with constituents.

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(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)THE VIEW - Mindy Kaling and Gretchen Carlson are the guests today, Wednesday, June 17, 2015 on ABC's 'The View.' 'The View' airs Monday-Friday ( am- pm, ET) on the ABC Television Network.She found the address on the City of Newark's website. " She was concerned that interns with crushes on the Mayor would delete it with malicious intent.We agreed that if they were set on destroying communication from romantic competitors, they would likely tear up snail mail, as well. Over the next several months, our phone conversations often began with her asking, "Has Adina heard from Cory Booker, yet?Expecting the usual check-in -- how was my weekend going, and here's a photo of the new puppy -- I instead read: "I am attaching a copy of a letter I have written to Mayor Cory Booker suggesting that he meet Adina.*" Adina is a friend from college. Her email continued: "Of course, he might not be good enough. I am sure that it is a city with great potential that needed an extraordinary leader." Following a few more introductory remarks, the letter introduced Adina by extolling her merits: "You really should meet Adina Evans.She's beautiful and smart and was, as far as my mom knew, still as single as the Mayor. She is quite brilliant, very beautiful -- tall, graceful, and dignified, artistically talented, and consciously principled.

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