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What attracted you to play this role apart from obviously being asked by the director? I like that some of the proceeds to this film go to charity.I like that an issue, about divorce being like a stigma issue within the Muslim community is being talked about and I liked the cast and you know Oz brought a lot of warmth to the movie, you know the way he directed it, it’s such a sweet little kind of fun film, it will leave you feeling really good.Whether you’re working on film or TV, you’ve frequently displayed a wonderful talent for sarcasm and often very funny put downs and obviously comic humour. Are you naturally gifted in that sense, because most of your roles, whether film or TV have been down that route? I have a very very dark sense of humour and it comes out through sarcasm for sure. So, is that what draws you to these kinds of roles? I like anything were you can combine, kind of empathy for a character with a sense of humour.

During the first week of hazing rituals, desperate to fit in whatever the cost, she strays from her family principles when she eats raw meat for the first time.Ayesha: Raabta has a very interesting concept which the tagline explains as ‘Everything is Connected’.In your own life, have you ever come across a situation where you have felt this kind of a Raabta?After all Nina is renowned for her role in the timeless sketch-show and has won several awards and accolades Our Editor caught up with the Goodness Gracious Me star during the promotions of the upcoming British comedy and yes Nina too greeted our Editor with … Fatima Patel: So, tell us how did you get involved in the film?Nina Wadia: I got an email from Oz, the director, via my agency saying: ‘would you read this’ it was originally called Single British Muslim and I thought it was a funny title and I said I would read the part and see if I like it and I did like it. Wonderful, so you didn’t have to do any auditions and they had already planned this part for you.

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